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50 Pre-printed Washable Vinyl Audio Labels $ 14.95
Item Number: LBwash

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50 Pre-printed Washable Vinyl Audio Labels (Image1)
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Price: $ 14.95

Confusion in the closet and the fridge becomes a thing of the past!

These handy labels go through the dishwasher, the clothes washer and dryer -- even to the dry cleaners. Simply attach the label to your item (sew or glue), scan it with the Digit-Eyes application on your phone and the record as much information as you want about the item. When you're visiting the fridge, sorting the laundry or trying to decide what to wear, simply scan the label again and hear what you recorded.

Tired of what the label says? Simply click the 're-record' button in Digit-Eyes and record new information.

Now, any food container can be a "talking" container. Sorting laundry and picking out your outfits is a snap!

Please note that the labels have a nice generous margin so they are easy to sew. This can be trimmed as required to fit the garment.

Pack of 50 labels.

50 Pre-printed Washable Vinyl Audio Labels (Image2)

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